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I first heard about Residence Hall Linens from Our Campus Market after receiving a flyer in the mail and how their program helps provide funding to the school’s Residence Hall Association by using this program as a fundraiser.

I’ve been through school fundraisers in the past with my kids when they were younger and I was really skeptical as the products my kids peddled on the neighborhood were typically of poor quality and overpriced, so I was intrigued to see if the dorm bedding from Residence Hall Linens were any different.

I went to the website at and found great selection with separate items all the way to complete value packs.   Pricing seemed to be in line with competing products at other stores.  There were ample color choices and the company guarantees their products will fit and will last until graduation which is great as you won’t have to buy another set of sheets for a bed size your son or daughter will probably never use again.   More searching on the site showed that over 900 schools use RHL’s products over competing products which leads me to believe that if this many college campuses use them, students must be happy with the products. Another plus for these sheets are they are American made which is pretty cool for fabrics in this day and age.  My skepticism was starting to melt away.

The bedding shipped quickly and arrived at my door in three business days and arrived undamaged.  The sheet set comes with (1) flat sheet, (1) fitted sheet and (1) standard pillow case.

our campus market dorm bedding


The initial quality out of the package was a bit rough feeling, loud and crinkly but after five washes they became softer and quieter.  Not the softest out of the sheets tested but they aren’t sandpaper either.  A 5/16″ elastic band wrapped along the entire sheet and I did not find loose or broken stitches after washing and drying.


Also the sheets started out weighing 12.59 oz. and after five wash and dry cycles reduced to 11.92 oz for a loss of 5.32% of material. This number is on the higher end of the sheets tested, but given they are guaranteed until graduation protection this doesn’t give me too much cause for concern for the longevity of the bedding.

The sheets are made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.  Care instructions include:

  • Wash separate before using on “gentle” cycle
  • Machine wash in cold water using less detergent than usual
  • No bleach
  • Tumble dry low setting
  • Remove promptly after dryer
  • Avoid contact with skin treatment products

The original size of the fitted sheet was 39″ X 79.125″ and after five washes reduced to 38″ X 78.5625″.  Unlike other sheets, these are guaranteed to fit so again no worries.  There wasn’t any noticeable change in color of the sheets after the washes either.

color ocm dorm bedding pre/post wash

Left side pre wash – right side post wash

After reviewing the dorm bedding from Residence Hall Linens, you may give up some softness for durability, but these are the only products guaranteed to fit and guaranteed until graduation which helps you have one less thing to worry about for moving your son or daughter to school.

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Residence Hall Linens

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            • Guaranteed to fit
            • Guaranteed until graduation
            • Made in America


            • Could be softer